9 February 2012

Club Permits

We at MCCA love the club permit scheme because it’s a way to keep our precious weekenders on the road without breaking the bank. If you have a car or motorbike over 25 years of age, whether it is a Mazda or not, we’d like to help you keep it on the road.

After the club permit changes made on 31st Jan 2015, we as a club have also decided to make changes to the way we deal with club permits. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to have a car/motorbike with us on the club permit scheme.

What you will need for us to put you on club permit is:

  • Be a current financial member of Mazda Car Club of Australia (VICTORIA)
  • A current Victorian RWC or a VASS certificate if your vehicle is modified
  • Club Permit Application form   (⇐click to download)
  • Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form   (⇐click to download)
  • Club Permit Induction form   (⇐click to download)
  • Proof of ownership
  • Our club scrutineer must see the vehicle and take photos for Vic Roads record keeping requirements.
  • There is a $50 admin charge for this service.
  • Once your car is registered you must supply the club with the registration number and date of registration. Scanned copies of documents are required.

It is a legal requirement for us to keep photos, registration numbers, and registration dates otherwise we can lose our ability to offer club permits and everyone suffers. If you do not provide this information you may have your permit cancelled.

We would like you to have been a current member for 3 months before we accept your request for club registration request, however that can be waived with a reference from a current member with at least a year of membership. We may also waive the 3 months for special circumstances which will be voted on by the committee.


Renewals are also simple. There is a $50 per car renewal fee that will be waived if you have attended 3 club events during the year. At an event you attend you can either have your logbook sited and initialed by a committee member or talk to one of our committee members to have your attendance noted.

You will need to sign a RENEWAL CLUB REG form   (⇐click to download)

And that is it! You are ready to go for another year!

So come and talk to us today about getting your precious vehicle put onto the club permit scheme


  • Ensure that the vehicle is only used for private use and is not used for commercial use.
  • Ensure they are familiar with their particular club’s requirements for club permit holders.
  • Ensure they are familiar with the log book requirements.
  • Maintain their vehicles in a manner which ensures that the vehicle is in a “safe” condition for use on a highway.
  • Present their vehicle for periodic safety checks if prescribed by their club.
  • Maintain financial membership of the club at all times whilst holding a club permit.
  • Ensure that the log book and permit is carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use.
  • Ensure that the number plate(s) and windscreen label as issued by VicRoads are correctly displayed on the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is in use.
  • A club permit vehicle may be driven by anyone (including learner permit holders) who hold the applicable licence category for the vehicle, unless legally as a 'driver under instruction'.
  • Club Permit vehicles may be driven throughout all States and Territories (except Western Australia) provided the vehicle complies with Victorian requirements for the holding of the club permit.
  • Victorian Club Permit vehicles cannot be used on W.A. roads as they are considered to be unlicensed in Western Australia (unlicensed is the same as unregistered in Victoria).
  • Operators wishing to participate in outings in Western Australia  should request that the appropriate Western Australian club officials obtain a permit (a fee may be required) from the Licensing Branch in Perth.