The Original Mazda Car Club Established 1968 (Victoria)

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Early in 1968 a group of enthusiastic and far sighted Mazda owners got together to discuss their mutual interest in their (then) very new and stylish Mazda 1500 cars. From this initial meeting, further meetings and discussions occurred and culminated in the creation in May 1968 of The Mazda Car Club of Australia (The MCCA). Its aims were simply to enable members to have the opportunity to share and enjoy their shared interests in their car, to organise social , sporting, and technically informative events for the enjoyment and benefit of the members. Those original aims are just as valid today as they were at those earlier formative times. With all the enthusiasm and dedication of those initial few members, and then ably added to by many more that subsequently followed over the ensuing years, the MCCA grew and prospered and has thus been able to offer its’ members much enjoyment in sporting and social activities either run directly by the club or in conjunction with invitations from other like-minded clubs and associations. If you enjoy your car and driving, if you enjoy good company and having a good time, then the MCCA could be just the thing for you. You will get the chance to mix and mingle with like-minded people with a shared interest, enjoying pleasant social events, friendly discussions on all sorts of motoring matters, driver and road safety education, plus access to, and the possible involvement in, a wide range of club level motorsport events. The range of activities that the club offers encompasses everything from monthly meetings, social nights, drive-day tours and picnics, club level motor sport events to suit both beginners and more experienced drivers (including closed-circuit race track timed events, motorkhana and maneuverability trials, economy runs, etc.), and technical visits to specialised workshops. Even though the club was primarily set up by and for Mazda owners and drivers, other non-Mazda owners and drivers are also very welcome to join the club and participate in all club activities.

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"We welcome any member to join our team and grow this club either with ideas or actions, big or small."
Stephen Dunsmore
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Zoran Stojanovski
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